Today’s ride-out

Warm! Won’t hear me complaining about it though, long may it last.  Attached picture looks like a one-off Aprilia 450 – anyone seen anything like it before?   Lotus Cortina and Corvette were also out for the day.

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More hot weather

Schools were having an eco race with home built their electric cars on  Sunday at Goodwood, few red faces but most had a good turn of speed.   Hats off to the 74 year old pillion that kept digging me in the ribs to go faster.  

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Spain trip

Just done 2000 miles on the 883 SuperLow in Spain with my brother on his bike.  Roads are empty and well surfaced, mountains are brilliant, my Spanish is awful.  Wild camping, two nights in olive groves and one night in fir trees beside a ruined castle.  Can’t go wrong in this country (can go hungry

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