Rider Requirements

To be covered by our insurance you need to comply with the following:

  • Age must be 25 or over (special permission from insurance company required for over 75’s).
  • Regular riding on a full motorcycle licence on a bike over 250cc for the past two years.
  • Not been disqualified during the past 24 months.
  • Not more than 3 current convictions on your licence.
  • Not been convicted of any of the following offences in the last 5 years; DR; DD, BA, LC or CD.
  • Not had insurance declined or renewal refused or insurance cover cancelled by any motor insurer.
  • Not had any criminal convictions.
  • Not been involved in more than one no fault incident in the last three years.


Occupation – please contact us if you are in one of the following occupations as we have to confirm with the insurance company on an individual basis:

  • Food delivery services
  • Bookmakers
  • Turf accountants
  • Gambling industry including amusement arcade, fruit machine, casino or club employees
  • Entertainment and related industries including fairground employees
  • Professional sports persons
  • Professional models
  • Publicans or persons working in the licensed trade
  • Street and market traders
  • Scrap metal merchants and dealers
  • Diplomatic personnel
  • Courier or messengers